34070 Manston – Preservation Service

34070 Manston entered service on the Swanage Railway on 14th September 2008 when it double headed a service train with 34028 Eddystone. Its boiler ticket was due to run to mid-2018, however it suffered a low speed shunting collision on 24th July 2017, and it was decided to withdraw it for overhaul in addition to repair of the crash damage. Manston returned to work on Swanage Railway in November 2022. It has subsequently run on the East Lancs Railway and Mid Hants Railway.

Manston at work on the Swanage Railway

34070 Manston

Manston double heading with Eddystone
Photo: © Mark V. Pike

34070 Manston

Manston at Swanage
Photo: © Mark V. Pike

The next week or so was spent finishing off the painting and lining of the tender. On 25th September, Manston was hooked up at Swanage to 9 coaches and 80078, a load of about 400 tons. It then hauled this train to Norden.

34070 Manston

Manston passing Corfe Viaduct with its test train
Photo: © A.P.M. Wright

Tangmere's visit to the Swanage Railway

On Saturday 2nd May 2009 34027 Tangmere hauled the first Steam hauled train from London to Swanage – the first time since the summer of 1967.

While on the line Tangmere double headed trains with Manston.

34070 Manston

Manston (leading) and Tangmere leaving Corfe Castle Station

Eastleigh 100

Manston and Eddystone attended the Eastleigh Works Centenary, May 23–25 2009.

34070 Manston

Manston and Eddystone outside the works at Eastleigh

Before returning from Eastleigh Manston was lifted in the workshop so attention could be given to its front bogie bearings.

Severn Valley Railway and North Yorkshire Moors - 2010

Manston ran on the SVR and then on to the NYMR in October 2011

34070 Manston   34070 Manston

34070 Manston entering Highley on the SVR (c) L Tidmarsh

In driving rain on the NYMR (c) J Tidmarsh

West Somerset Railway Gala - 2011

Manston ran at the WSR Autumn Steam Gala in October 2011.

34070 Manston on WSR

A great photo of 34070 Manston heading out of Minehead on 2nd October 2011. (c) T Clarke

Manston at Great Central Railway - October 2013.

Manston starred at the Autumn 2013 Steam Gala on the GCR, as shown in this gallery.